Neisha also known by her username Moony2123 is an owner and admin of LunaSMP. She was born in 1995 and she comes from Australia. She joined the server in late April of 2014, when she and Olivia created the server. 


She was born in 1995 somewhere in Eastern Australia. 

  • She is a cheerleader.
  • She is quite a fan of Harry Potter series.
  • She has got a driving licence.
  • She likes UHC.

Server ActivityEdit

She has took a great role in server development


January - AprilEdit

She joined Freedomcraft in early 2014, where she played till its fall in April 2014.


Together with Olivia she created LunaSMP as a relaunch of Freedomcraft.

Through the past few weeks she took a great role in server development and making it as good as possible. They were making it after model of Freedomcraft, but giving it some personal additions.



In July she participated in decision of choosing Staff members at First Staff Member Pick.


She started working on Town, on which she barely made any progress at all.

September-November Edit

She was coming online very rarely (once a month or so). Apparently she "Has a life" and therefore she never got time to check on the server.

She participated in Second Staff Member Pick, in which Krabdad and zxa55 were promoted.


She was one of the main initiators for updating the server to 1.8. After the succesfull update and world relaunch, she went offline for a while but joined back in late January



Together with Hellskitty666 she started a new town at /warp moonkitty. She made a lot of progress on it, building observatory, town hall, many houses and Leap of Faith minigame.

She participated in the Third Staff Pick, which included demoting x4faq to a moderator, promoting zxa55 to an admin, promoting BlazingBuilder to a moderator and  magneticpillow's free-will leaving out of the staff crew.


  • Neisha (real name and in-game nickname)
  • Moony2123 (username)
  • Moony
  • Neish/Neesh
  • Moons/Moonz
  • (mrs.) Lupin
  • Nei-Nei
  • (mrs.) Bow or Bow-bow

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