HomeTown Minecraft server was founded sometimes in early July 2013 by frostVINCENT. A few days later Darksteal132, Zanycat, hubajo (Aeterna) and __gumdrum__ joined the server. In September 2013 emiiiillllyyyy and a bit later elmo_is_awesome joined HomeTown as well. In December 2013 DopeFreshMiner and __Albatross__ joined HomeTown. Around that time jimgreen2 also joined that server, where he made friendship with Dark.


In January 2014 emiiiillllyyyy created a Freedomcraft server and invited elmo_is_awesome to help her with it. Since none of them had much experience, the server was going through hard times at first. But then frostVINCENT and Darksteal132 came by and offered them some help. Server started raising and it became a great success. In late February and March everybody on HomeTown were already talking about Freedomcraft and the result of that was very fast raise of Freedomcraft and the great player loss on HomeTown, which just moved to Freedomcraft which was not so strict and let players much more "freedom" than HomeTown. But the great player loss triggered the great rivalty between HomeTown and Freedomcraft, often even hate.

Freedomcraft reached it's golden era in March 2014, but it didn't last long. On 23rd of March Freedomcraft started to get DDoS-attacked, which resulted in the server being temporarily down. The story of what exactly happened in that situation is unclear, there's been many different rumors about different cases. In two days staff got access to the console back, but it was just temporary. Trying to recover from the first attack, they changed the ip, when the server was attacked the second time. Hackers got the console password and hacked into the elmo_is_awesome's e-mail. There was nothing staff could do. Elmo got access to console back on April 24th, but then decided to delete the server permantly for good. Emily said, they might be opening another server in future, but noone really believes that. In April 2014 gillieguy1999 joined the HomeTown.


In very early May or very late April OiMaKu and Moony2123 decided to make a server that would initially replace Freedomcraft and invited a lot of old Freedomcraft players on. While players who came to the Freedomcraft from Hometown returned after its fall, some of the players decided to pick Luna instead. 


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